How To Be A Good Father – Guide

Don’t Worry

What happens to a guy whose fear of fatherhood is up there with snakes and shark attacks? If he’s anything like Scott Kelby, he writes a book, helping other men deal with the realities — both messy and amazing — of becoming a dad.

“I absolutely, positively, didn’t want to have kids,” he writes. “Now, I didn’t have the usual fears that guys have of ‘I’m not sure I’ll make a good dad.’ I had the other one. The ‘I don’t want to give up my fun-filled, carefree life of wining and dining for a miserable world of whining and diapers.’ At least, that’s what I thought it would be.”

In The Book for Guys Who Don’t Want Kids (Fair Shake Press), Kelby shares some of his biggest pre-baby worries, how he overcame them, and how men who feel threatened by parenthood can overcome those fears and turn out to be great dad.

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