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My news feed reminds me when I started crocheting over a year ago. So I thought of trying to recall how I started and at the same time share to you what I have been up to recently. I tried crocheting for the love of doing something during my lunch breaks at work, to keep me from sleeping through the entire shift. But that did not last long, for I found it more boring and I can’t finish a project for an hour. Being a beginner, I have to learn the basics. And basics are boring and so exhausting especially when you are self learning no coaches, no mentors, no one but me and my smartphone. It took me days to follow a simple pattern, so I parked my hook. Crocheting was not for me then. When I quit my job months after, I found my hooks and yarns in my “kaban of old stuff”, then my interest grew back. Having all the time at night when kids are asleep, I tried to learn the basics again from chain to increase and decrease by following patterns and Youtube videos. I began to love it. I have been doing basic projects now and sell some. I like it more because of the idea of being able to sell it, who wouldn’t love to earn diba? I am now working on enhancing my skill in making crocheted shoes for babies especially that I am going to have a new nephew/niece in few months. I would love to see him/her wearing my “new born” projects. I haven’t thought of this crochet thing when I was pregnant with my boys. But my boys now loves my shoe and toys projects. I will be posting about it soon.

So guys this is just a beginning. I know that there are plenty of ideas to learn, new skills to acquire, new projects to come. I wish I can find more variety of yarns in the metro to explore my creativity with different variations but it’s sad that I went to shops and found only mercerized cotton and acrylic fiber ones. But these are good starters. There are plenty of things I can do with these basic yarns. I would love to share my new hobby with you.

You may want to see a sample crochet granny square here

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